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STOP Chasing What's Already Within You!

Updated: May 2, 2021

How many times do we go about our day looking for something to fulfill us, even with a sense of urgency, as if failure will knock at our door if we do not meet this world's (and our) expectations? When we apply the same mentality, day after day, it simply becomes our way of living. We rarely stop for a second to think, really, what is it that we are chasing?

The truth is that whatever we chase, cannot be obtained from WITHOUT, but only from WITHIN. If we truly believe that what we obtain from out there is really what will fill out the hole within us, we will tend to fall into the "chase mode", where whatever we obtain will just give us temprary happiness. This can even translate into us finding always the grass greener on the other side of the field, because we would always be looking for more. Thus, through this lense of viewing life, we can hardly tend to realize that what we chase is a feeling that we generate when we obtain something, a feeling that can only be generated from within us!

Is it then necessary to achieve all of our goals and obtain everything that we want in order to feel joy in our lives? Or is it necessary to change who we are today in order to be happy and fulfilled? The truth is that a vision, and goals that align our actions with it, are wonderful tools that can give our to day a direction. But neither a vision or goals, or for that sake any action that we take, will change the real value that is already within us NOW. Any action that we take is just a reflection of that glow that is alrady shining like a bright star from within. If we truly believe this, while having a vision aligned with this loving light and goals that honor our values, then would the urge to get everything done now and to never stop will just diminish, and we will be able to enjoy the beautiful process of life. Achieving the goal will thus not give us more joy than the process itself to get there, because every step we would take would be as special as the previous one.

And to anchor this to your lives, you can always remember the acronym for STOP:

S = Stop,

T = Take a deep breath

O = Observe, what do you see?

P = Proceed (with kindness and love)

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