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Core Energy Coaching

  • Explore your pathway to inner peace, joy, fulfillment, and purpose to realize your true potential and finally create fulfilling relationships.


  • Discover the blockages that are holding you back from having a fulfilling relationship.

  • Work with the Core Energy Coaching® methodology to discover how you are currently approaching life and alternatives to do so in a way that is aligned with your goals and passion.

  • Learn powerful tools and education that can empower you to uncover the life that you deserve and create fulfilling relationships.

  • Enjoy a space of non-judgment where you can express yourself, feel and release your emotions, and transform your stuck energy into power for your growth.

  • And much more...

ELI Assessment

  • The ELI is a test based on your attitude, perception, and perspective. Unlike personality tests, as an attitude can be altered by increasing your consciousness level, this assessment unlocks huge growth opportunities you can start experiencing immediately.

  • Get a visual and quantitative measure of your level of consciousness by measuring your energetic makeup in normal situations and under stress.

  • Learn about the 7 energy levels to consciously select how you approach life's situations, without being at the mercy of them.

"You have a beautiful, shiny treasure glowing at your core and wanting to be released, your own Being. It is your birthright to get to know it and to let it shine. Team up with me to explore your energetic blocks that are generating your fear of commitment and which are clouding your view of this wonderful treasure, and thus preventing you from having fulfilling relationships." Javier Peñalba - Transmute Yourself


Coaching Services Are Also Offered in Spanish

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