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Transform Your Fear of Commitment Into Long-Lasting, Fulfilling Relationships!

  • Do you repeatedly find yourself getting quickly irritated in love relationships?

  • Do you only feel sporadic or fragmentary passion with your partners?

  • Do you sense that you need a great deal of space whenever you are in a relationship?

  • Do you find any number of reasons why you cannot be with your partner and as a result end up leaving relationships and changing partners often?

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Then this is the right place for you, and I want to praise you for taking your first steps in the right direction. My name is Javier Peñalba, I am a life coach and I focus on helping people to transform their fear of commitment into long-lasting, fulfilling relationships. I invite you to explore the rest of the website to discover how I can be of support to you through my life coaching services.

Coaching Services Also Offered In Spanish

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Víctor Martínez - Spain

My name is Víctor, I am 26 years old and thanks to the videos I found on Youtube of Javier I realized that I have fear of commitment. I contacted Javier to work on this problem and from the first moment, Javier helped me enormously. Having been someone who has experienced the fear of commitment, Javier had a great ability to show empathy and identify the patterns in my behavior that are conditioned by this fear and how to reduce its presence in my day-to-day life. I had tried to go to therapy before but I have to say that Javier has been by far the person with whom I have been able to identify the most and for that reason he has given me more confidence, His ability to string together ideas and find the basis of problems has been of great help. I would recommend 100%, his videos are a good introduction to his work and knowledge, it is well worth taking a look at them and seeing if you feel identified in any of the cases he comments on.

Yaosca Padilla - Nicaragua/Germany

When I call Javier, I jokingly tell him: "I need to talk to you because I need to talk to myself" and that is the impression that I have in the sessions with him. Javier is able to help me organize my emotions and thoughts in a short time. He has also helped me make the best decisions at very important moments in my life. He fascinates me with the amount of techniques that he uses which not only include conversations but also meditation, breathing, visualization and many other techniques.

Javier has accompanied me in a super active and compassionate way to always find the wisdom and solutions that are within myself. If you want a coach to help you lead a full and abundant life, I recommend Javier 100%.

Loredana Strunk-Lopez - Germany/Spain 

The coach of Transmute Yourself actually picks you up from the point where you don't feel able to continue walking by yourself anymore. He doesn't simply give you advice, he makes you give advice to your self by turning your point of view inward. He really has been/is an eye opener to me in so many situations already. Thank you so much for your support! I'd always reach him again for any insecurity or instability that I might feel inside of me or with my surroundings!

Rick Fisher - United States

It has been a distinct pleasure to work with Javier.  His ability to be aware of your slightest change in emotion and the little “Aha” moments will astound you.  He would be aware of these changes, even though you might not.  Javier made me realize that my thoughts and feelings were quite normal for the circumstances.  He would acknowledge my feelings without any judgement, in a calming and caring manner.  My real gratitude and appreciation for Javier comes from the work we did on the negative voices in my head.  (If I had friends who talked to me, the way I talk to myself; they would not be my friends.)  Together, we explored these thoughts.  He helped me to realize, the thoughts and behaviors that are now holding me back, were born out of some hurt in the past.  What started as a pattern to protect me from that pain, has now become a hindrance to my personal progress and my full enjoyment of life.  Together, we developed a plan to help overcome this.  I am grateful for the help and insight  Javier has given me.  Thanks Javier.

Jane Sum - The Netherlands

Javier is a very intuitive and empathic coach asking powerful questions enabling deep reflections! He creates a safe environment to share feelings and thoughts and goes deeper helping me to identify the beliefs which are holding me back in life. Javier uses different coaching tools effectively including visualizations, which I really like! As a result, I gained new insights & perspectives and could formulate concrete action steps to move forward. We have worked on different topics e.g., setting boundaries, perfectionism, how to be a more effective leader covering work and private areas. Our sessions made me realize that I am good enough by just being myself. I only need to live up to my own expectations and honor my values. I am much more confident in myself than before, allowing me to perform better at work. Each coaching session is giving me a lot of positive energy; I am grateful to have Javier supporting me in my journey to further develop myself and make a difference. Thank you Javier! I highly recommend Javier as a coach; he will be able to bring out the best in you too!

William Pritchard - US

Javier has been a great coach for me. Found him on youtube and it's been great having one-on-one coaching with him. I highly recommend him if his youtube videos speak to you!

Celine Barteit - Germany

I liked the session I had with Javier. He was kind, understanding, and helpful. He showed a lot of empathy and helped me find directions in my situation. I felt understood and he gave me an outlet for my emotions. He has experience with a lot of things and knows how to guide you into a direction that you are comfortable with. He guides you during hardships without telling you what to do and instead leads you a little in the direction that suits you individually.
I recommend him as a life coach.

Elena Shustrova - Russia 

Javier, I am very thankful to you for all the sessions with you. You always perform as a highly professional, amazing, and understanding coach. After sessions with you I always felt a great energy shift. You have helped me a lot to overcome fears, doubts, to believe in myself in difficult situations and this is how you have supported me throughout the year. I always know that I can count on you as a coach that can help me with any problem I have. There have been moments in which after 1 session, my life vision might definitely be changed through our coaching together. Your brilliant talent to hear and support people and great expertise are very valuable. I am very happy that one day I meet you in person. You are definitely a coach with a wonderful and big soul❤️

Patricia Bergmann - Germany 

Javier is an excellent coach. In the past my fears regarding money often blocked me and took the fun out of many things and made my life quite difficult. Working with Javier as a coach has helped me a lot to find the real underlying cause, challenge and resolve it. With his help I learned that nothing bad can happen because I can always rely on myself and my abilities. My life feels much easier and happier now. Through Javier's empathic and respectful way it was easy for me to open up. Javier accompanied me well, always motivated me and celebrated even the smallest successes but the best thing is that through coaching with him I found more to myself and my full strength and things feel a lot easier now. If you, too want to bring your life to the next level, I highly recommend Javier as a coach!

Nicola Savva - UK

Javier is so patient and kind and listens. He is super knowledgeable in his field and draws from personal experience which is really important. I have learned things I didn't even know I needed to learn, all relationship based. I can now cope well with my difficult Father and am working on romantic relationships as these are tricky for me but have made great progress and the change will come with total acceptance of myself. Javier will teach you self compassion and how to speak up when your boundaries are crossed. I used to care so much what everyone thought of me but it's amazing now I don't need approval. He is a spiritual man and I enjoyed this part but it's ok if you are not. I really enjoyed my sessions with Javier, a genuinely nice person and great life pleased to have found him 😊.

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