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Recognizing the Voice in our Heads

Updated: May 2, 2021

Who is it, really, that mumbles and blabbers all day long in our heads? Is it really who we are? Are we then limited to a voice that no one but ourselves can listen to, plus associated emotions, and a body?

In my view, our minds result from a collection of information coming out of experiences, society, books, our raising, friends, movies, our beliefs which are shaped by the aforementioned factors, our genes, and our own unique and natural ways to process information. How important we make it will thus be entirely up to us. We can use it as a tool of creation, a source of peace by quieting it down, or a silent medieval torture method within our heads.

The actual makeup of our minds is then a combination of all those factors, but for the most part and in most people, we could conclude that our minds are the result of our environment. For example, had we been born elsewhere, would our personalities be different? Would the words that our minds use to talk to ourselves be different? Would it chastise us for our "mistakes" or encourage us to view them as opportunities for learning? Had we not suffered from trauma, would we be anxious and shy, or would we be calm and confident?

I assume that we would indeed think and thus feel and act differently, had our external situations been different. But then again, are we that voice? In my opinion, beneath our minds, there is a special, individual, and essential ingredient, which I call our "essence". Part of our essence can be reflected in our own minds and resulting ways of thinking and behaving, especially if we conscious enough in our self-discovery. Hence, the more we are able to uncover what we are not by observing our minds as spectators in a show, without judging them, discerning what learned beliefs and behaviors work for us, and which don't, the closer to the bottom of this special ingredient that we can get to. We can know that we are getting there, because, despite some initial natural resistance (again, from the mind), in the long run, it will feel good. A lingering feeling of peace and satisfaction will be a good indicator of this. The resulting personality, thoughts and beliefs, and thus our personalities, will then be more closely aligned to who we are.

At that point, maybe, will then your mind be speaking to you in another tone, and will encourage you to take that step that you have been hesitating to take, or live that life how you always wanted to. And the good part is that you don't need to wait for external circumstances to change in order to get there. You can start TODAY by identifying which thoughts are not working for you, examining where they come from, seeing how true they are, and finding an alternative viewpoint that aligns better with who you want to be, and thus, with who you are. Stay conscious, practice this routinely, and you will see how you start shaping your mind and your life in ways that you had never imagined. And if you need someone to guide you in the process, write me an email to and we can discuss how I can be of help to you as your coach.

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